TELCODelivered churn propensity models, product propensity models, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) models which were used for targeted retention and cross-sell / up-sell marketing activities.

DISTRIBUTIONDeveloped forecast models to predict stock demands which results in savings in inventory costs.

RETAIL: Developed algorithms that derive customer gender and ethnicity based on customer names.

F&B: Delivered Operational Trigger monitoring capabilities to over 200 branches.
AIRPORT: Delivered Revenue and Operations Dashboards which monitors and captures the Revenue received from the Retail Outlets located in an upcoming Airport in the Region. 

​​TELCO: Engaged to assist with Marketing Campaign Execution and process improvements.

MANUFACTURING: Engaged to deliver inventory forecasting capabilities for inventory optimization. 

INSURANCE: Delivered Customer, Product and Channel dashboards and Claim Dashboards to marketing and medical business management users.
​TELCO: Delivered Management Dashboards to monitor daily, weekly and monthly sales and revenue performance.

​TELCO: Delivered Performance Management dashboards that cover Sales, Marketing and Profitability. 

BANK: Delivered Risk Analytics dashboards to monitor credit, operations and financial risks for the company.

RETAIL: Delivered Performance Management Dashboards that monitor the business performance of a retailer in the F&B industry.
TELCO: Developed forecast models to predict HR workforce structure and cost, and workforce simulator tool to drive tactical decisions on organization.

BANKConducted a series on hands-on CRISP-DM workshops which built cross-sell / up-sell models using advanced analytics.

OIL & GAS: Conducted a series on hands-on CRISP-DM workshops which built churn models using advanced analytics.

BROADCAST: Engaged to develop advanced analytics capabilities within the organization.

UNIVERSITY: Conducted a series on hands-on data visualization workshops which enabled participants with skills to perform self-service BI.


TELCO: Delivered a customer value management (CVM) platform which serves the needs of Enterprise-wide Customer Analytics and Campaign Management.

TELCO: Consolidated sales and service related information into a single Channels Automated Reporting data environment for Senior Management dashboards.

BANK: Delivered analytical data sets for modeling activities.

INSURANCE: Delivered a BI Strategic Roadmap to enhance the Client's Management Information System capabilities​​